Headquarters/Secretariat Address


Chiyoda-ku Gobancho 10-2
Gobancho Center Building 5F

E-mail[email protected]

≪Directions from the nearest stations≫

5 minute walk from Ichigaya Station(From the JR Lines, exit the ticket gate and go up the hill to the right)
From the subway, use exit #3 or #4
10 minute walk from Yotsuya Station

Administration and Operation Group

General Affairs

E-mail[email protected]
E-mail[email protected](Awards)
ResponsbilitiesGeneral Affairs, the General Assembly, the Board of Directors, Awards

Members, Information, and Public Relations

E-mail[email protected](Members)
E-mail[email protected](Information)
E-mail[email protected](Public Relations)
ResponsbilitiesMembers' services, Web services, General Public Relations

Accounting and Finance

E-mail[email protected]
ResponsbilitiesAccounting and Finance

Engineering Development, Engineering Event Group

Engineering Development, Engineering Event

E-mail[email protected](Events)
E-mail[email protected](Engineering Development)
ResponsbilitiesTechnical Paper Presentations, Exhibitions, Symposia
Student Formula Japan、Kids Engineer、Engineering Development、
Student Activity Support

International Affairs

E-mail[email protected]
ResponsbilitiesInternational Conferences, FISITA, APAC
With cooperation of other countries' Societies of Automotive Engineers

Professional Meetings Group

Professional Meetings

E-mail[email protected]
ResponsbilitiesTechnology Board, Joint Research Center

Publishing and Sales Group


E-mail[email protected]
ResponsbilitiesPublishing, Editing


E-mail[email protected]
ResponsbilitiesBook Sales

Technical Standards Group

Standards (Road Vehicles)

E-mail[email protected]
ResponsbilitiesISO(TC22)、JIS、JASO、Entrusted Business
ResponsbilitiesISO(TC204)、JIS、Entrusted Business

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