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The Automobile in the Year 2030 Technological Strategies Automotive Industry as Envisioned by Well-informed Persons

This book presents a survey conducted with well-informed persons belonging to the JSAE regarding a forecast of technology around the year 2030 and is a compilation of technological strategies and a roadmap from a macroscopic perspective. This installment provides a summary addressing topics such as what technology will be required for the automobile for the 2030s, when such technology will be developed and in what time frame it will become available for mass circulation, what performance level can be attained as a result of such technology, and what issues must be addressed for its implementation, for the benefit of various interested parties, researchers, and developers, encompassing industry, government, and academia.

Issue:Dec., 2007
Price(for member):6,720YEN Tax included

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Prices per issue
Color print:・JPY6,720 for JSAE Members + Postage
・JPY8,400 for Non-JSAE Members + Postage
Black-and-white print:・JPY2,520 for JSAE Members + Postage
・JPY3,150 for Non-JSAE Members + Postage

● Table of Contents

  • 1.State of Technology in the Japanese Automotive industry
  • 2.What Users Want in a Future Car
  • 3.Technological Progress Anticipated by Well-informed Persons and an Outline of Overall Technological Strategies in the Automotive Industry
    • ① Implementation of a 2-Liter Car
    • ② Achievement of Zero Emissions
    • ③ Noise Reduction
    • ④ Promotion of Energy Conservation
    • ⑤ Reducing Number of Accidents, Injuries, and Deaths by One-Half (Reducing Number of Deaths to One-Fourth)
    • ⑥ Implementation of Media-free Vehicles
  • 4.For the Growth of Japanese Automobile Technology

Book of Summarized Papers - 2012 JSAE Annual Congress(Spring)
The Best Way to Monitor the Latest Trends in Cutting-edge Technology

This summary carries English Summaries of all published papers at 2012 Annual Spring Congress, regardless of the language (Japanese / English) used in the original paper presented at the Congress.
It should prove to be a very useful tool for understanding the latest trends in automotive technologies in Japan.

Page:370 pages
Issue:May., 2012
Price(for member):4,200YEN Tax included

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