Student Formula SAE Competition of JAPAN
2007 Results

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The 5th Student Formula SAE Competition of Japan  Results - Score / Types of Award

Student Formula SAE Competition of JAPAN 2007 Results

  ♥  Results - Score
1stSophia University885.48
2ndKokushikan University849.40
3rdKanazawa University765.96
4thThe University of Tokyo742.76
5thShibaura Institute of Technology734.68
6thKyoto University717.98
7thShizuoka University660.74
8thOsaka City University657.71
9thKinki University Osaka628.15
10thTokyo Denki University596.75
11thTokai University594.59
12thHonda Technical College Kantou581.43
13thOsaka University559.91
14thUtsunomiya University517.64
15thMeisei University510.51
16thMusashi Institute of Technology495.85
17thKanazawa Institute of Technology494.18
18thUniversity of Ulsan482.12
19thKanagawa Institute of Technology457.93
20thYokohama National University423.42
21thTokyo Metropolitan University420.54
22thKeio University377.93
23thCollege of Science and Technology, Nihon University369.94
24thChiba University354.48
25thYeungnam University353.73
26thSouth Taiwan University349.95
27thIbaraki University331.45
28thOkayama University318.57
29thNagoya University309.69
30thNagoya Institute of Technology308.56

Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award
1stSophia University

Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture Award
1stKanazawa University

1stSophia University

Spirit of Excellence Award
Sponsored by : ETAS
1stSophia University
2ndKokushikan University
3rdKanazawa University
4thThe University of Tokyo
5thShibaura Institute of Technology
6thKyoto University

5th Student Formula SAE Competition of Japan / Awarding Ceremony

31thTokyo University of Agriculture and Technology303.25
32thToyohasi University of Technology300.82
33thShizuoka Institute of Science and Technology289.00
34thDoshisha University287.64
35thRitsumeikan University284.58
36thMeijo University261.81
37thHonda Technical College Kansai250.67
38thDaido Institute of Technology225.49
39thInstitute of Techonologists203.21
40thGifu University202.45
41thkyushu institute of technology198.93
42thChiba Institute of Technology196.83
43thTokyo University of Science194.47
44thUniversity of Yamanashi186.75
45thUniversity of Fukui179.71
46thKobe University170.59
47thKochi University of Technology153.73
48thSeikei University151.18
49thWaseda University146.20
50thShinshu University141.59
51thKurume Insutitute of Technology133.92
52thKyoto Institute of Technology132.55
53thOsaka Sangyo University124.40
54thKogakuin University120.92
55thFukui University of Technology91.31
56thKunsan National University67.47
57thAkita Prefectural University45.31
58thHokkaido University11.10
59thKyushu Sangyo University-10.94
-College of Industrial Technology, Nihon University-
-Kinki University School of Engineering-

  ♥  Types of Award
Static competitions

Spirit of Static Event Award
Sponsored by : ONO SOKKI

1stSophia University

2ndKanazawa University

3rdYokohama National University

4thCollege of Science and Technology, Nihon University

5thTokyo Denki University

6thKanagawa Institute of Technology

Static competitions / Cost

Cost Award
Sponsored by :

1stKanagawa Institute of Technology

2ndMusashi Institute of Technology

3rdCollege of Science and Technology, Nihon University

Static competitions / Presentation

Presentation Award
Sponsored by : TOYO TIRE & RUBBER

1stSophia University

1stYokohama National University

3rdCollege of Science and Technology, Nihon University

3rdKanazawa University

Static competitions / Design

Design Award
Sponsored by : CYBERNET SYSTEM

1stSophia University

2ndKanazawa University

3rdTokyo Denki University

Dynamic competitions / Acceleration

Acceleration Award
Sponsored by : Sumitomo Rubber Industries

1stKokushikan University

2ndOsaka City University

3rdShizuoka University

Dynamic competitions / Skid-Pad

Skid-Pad Award
Sponsored by : YOKOHAMA Rubber

1stKokushikan University

2ndSophia University

3rdKanazawa University

Dynamic competitions / Autocross

Autocross Award
Sponsored by : BRIDGESTONE

1stSophia University

2ndKyoto University

3rdKanazawa University

Dynamic competitions / Endurance

Fuel Economy Award
Sponsored by : ONO SOKKI

1stMusashi Institute of Technology

2ndTokyo Metropolitan University

3rdTokai University

Endurance Award
Sponsored by : Solid Works

1stKokushikan University

2ndSophia University

3rdShibaura Institute of Technology


JAMA Chairman Award
Sponsored by : JAMA

1stSophia University

2ndHonda Technical College Kantou

3rdKanazawa University

4thKokushikan University

5thShizuoka Institute of Science and Technology

6thMusashi Institute of Technology

CAE Award
Sponsored by : JRI Solutions, Limited

1stSophia University

2ndShizuoka University

3rdUniversity of Ulsan

Unique Design Award
Sponsored by : Sumitomo 3M

1stYokohama National University

2ndSouth Taiwan University

3rdShizuoka Institute of Science and Technology

Safety Design Award
Sponsored by :

1stRitsumeikan University

2ndKanazawa University

3rdKochi University of Technology

Good Frame Design Award
Sponsored by : PRESS KOGYO

1stTokyo Denki University

2ndInstitute of Techonologists

3rdKanagawa Institute of Technology

Sportsmanship Award
Sponsored by : JSAE

1stShizuoka Institute of Science and Technology

Best Web Site Award
Sponsored by : Web I Laboratories,Inc.

1stSophia University

2ndYokohama National University

3rdNagoya Institute of Technology

AccessitUniversity of Yamanashi

ASME Japan Award
Sponsored by : ASME Japan

1stKyoto University

Rookie Award

Sponsored by : VSN

1stHonda Technical College Kansai

2ndUniversity of Yamanashi

3rdSeikei University

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