Review Policy

Thank you for agreeing to review this paper submitted to the International Journal of Automotive Engineering (IJAE).
To expedite an appropriate review and the publication process, we would very much appreciate it if you would read the following editorial policy.

  • Papers must contain sufficient valuable content related to automotive engineering or industry, and conform to the following requirements.
    • Engineering or technical originality
      However, the value of papers containing obvious results should not be recognized even if the contents are original.
    • No clear mistakes (reliability)
    • High-quality (completeness)
    • Engineering or industrial utility
    • Completeness of English expression
  • Papers that conform to these requirements and have original engineering-based content are classified as research papers. Papers that have original technical-based content are classified as technical papers.
  • Papers that correspond to any of the following items should be judged as non-publishable.
    • Lack of engineering or technical originality
    • Lack of reliability
    • Incompleteness
    • Lack of engineering or industrial utility
    • Already published with the same contents
    • Incompleteness of English expression
  • A Technical Note refers to a contributed manuscript that has high value as engineering or technical data, but that lacks originality. Technical Notes should be judged according to the rules above, but do not have to conform to the requirement for originality.
  • The maximum length of a paper is eight pages. However, the addition of up to two pages may be permitted by the Editorial Board.
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